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February 2022 Update!

February 2022 Update!

Feb 04, 2022

Sandy Stinson

February 4, 2022

A message from Sandy Stinson, Creator/Founder of PooPail:


Hi PooPail Family,

We have been waiting for a couple months for a few new molds to be made (some of the molds sent from the Chinese manufacturer to the US manufacturer had to be reconfigured or remade). 

I am happy to report that the last part of the PooPail assembly has been FedEx'd to me so I can approve it. It did snap together nicely on the Zoom call, but I want to check it out with my Engineer before giving the OK. The other components of the PooPail are already being manufactured. I hate to promise and miss another delivery date, but you should receive your PooPail around the end of this month....really. More updates will follow soon. 

Thank you so much for your patience.  

Please give your pooches muchas smooches from all of us here at PooPail.