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Update: January 4th

Update: January 4th

Jan 04, 2022

Sandy Stinson

January 4, 2022

A message from Sandy Stinson, Creator/Founder of PooPail:

I had a production meeting with the manufacturer yesterday. They're sending the last few sample pieces in a week. Once I receive them I will give them a thorough review with my engineer. If everything works, I will give the go-ahead for them to start manufacturing PooPails. 

The manufacturer is estimating two weeks for completion. I'll then fly to Erie, PA. to oversee the packaging and labeling.

The optimistic shipping date for your PooPail is the end of this month, but a realistic date is the end of next month.

If you have moved or changed your delivery address in the past few months - please reply to update us. We plan to print the shipping labels next week! 

Thank you for your patience and for being part of the PooPail family.


Happy New Year!