How to Have a Paws-itively Delightful Halloween

Dog Halloween

Halloween is a real treat, but there’s no doubt that there may be some tricky parts to navigate as a pet owner. Having a fun and safe Halloween with your pup may seem like a scary task, but here are some tips to ensure you have your best Howl-o-Ween yet! 

Safety Tips

Halloween is full of sweet treats that aren’t safe for your pooch. Take a visual inventory of your home to identify anything that might be a health hazard to dogs. These things may include candy, decorations, candles, or any other sweet treats. Decorating for Halloween and enjoying festive treats can still be part of your fall routine, as long as you’re sure to keep sweet treats sealed and out of reach, and decorations that could be hazardous.

Pets may also be sensitive to sounds or new people being around, so it may be helpful to post a sign outside your door to request that people do not ring your doorbell, or designating a safe and comfortable place your dog can go to while if they are feeling overwhelmed. 

You may wish to practice with your pup some commands that are going to be used on Halloween, like sit and stay, leave it, or how to offer a friendly greeting to visitors.

Dressing Up Your Pup

What is Halloween, if not for dressing up? Let your pooch in on the fun by dressing them up, too! Don’t think your dog will cooperate in costume? Here are a few tips to make sure your pup is ready to dress up on Halloween:

  • Show the costume to your dog repeatedly before making them wear it.
  • Give your pup a treat each time you show the costume to them.
  • Touch your dog with the costume gently, while offering a treat.
  • Once your pup seems comfortable with the costume, dress them in the costume and offer them a treat.

Whatever your plans may be this year, your friends at PooPail hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!

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