Paws and Claus: The Best Holiday Movies Featuring Dogs

Paws and Claus: The Best Holiday Movies Featuring Dogs

"Tis the season!"

There are all sorts of fun things to do with our pups to celebrate the holiday season, and one of my personal favorites is cuddling up with my furry friend to watch some Christmas movies. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs love watching other dogs on the television, so why not let them in on the fun this winter?!

Here are three recommendations of festive movies to watch during the holidays that feature doggos!

New Year Pup

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This classic movie features a loveable companion named Max! Max is a loyal sidekick to the Grinch, but unlike his mean, green owner, Max LOVES Christmas and is such a kind pup. He is truly an example of how dogs can make us better people!

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Don’t we all know and love Snoopy? This famous pooch is one of the most well-known pups in cartoon history. A Charlie Brown Christmas is a great option for the whole family, with a heartwarming message about valuing what matters at Christmastime. 

Santa Paws

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a group of sweet puppies running around--especially if they’re wearing Santa hats! This sweet, family-friendly film features a group of pups who have to help a forgetful Santa recover his memory to save Christmas!


Share the love by baking up some fresh homemade dog treats! These recipes are so easy to make, and your pup will absolutely love them. They make great gifts too!

Find a recipe here:

Dog Treat Recipe
Now, all that’s left is to gather some delicious treats for you and your pupper, cozy on up and enjoy some fun holiday movies together! What is your favorite holiday movie? Does it feature a sweet pup?
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