Picking Up Dog Poop: All Your Questions Answered

picking up dog poop

Owning a cute and playful dog can fill your life with pure joy. Aside from losing a couple of pairs of shoes in the process of training them, there’s just one more downside - nobody likes picking up dog poop. 

If you’re a first-time dog parent, you’ll need a little help, and that’s okay. Cleaning up after your little buddy won’t be your favorite thing, but we hope to give you the advice you need in this blog.

Since so many dog owners struggle with picking up dog poop, we’ve decided to help you out. We did a lot of research, scoured the web, and found the most frequently searched questions about picking up dog poop. Based on all those questions, we created this Q&A-style blog to answer any questions you may have.

Do you want to make picking up dog poop easier for you? Keep on reading through to discover all there is to know about picking up dog poop.

 dog poop pick up Q&A

What to Pick Up Dog Poop With?

If you go on frequent walks to the park with your dog, you will likely see a “pick up dog poop” sign. The first question that comes to mind when talking about picking up dog poop is how to go about it. Well, there are 2 main ways of picking up dog poop. You can either use bags or pooper scoopers. 

Bags are the most convenient method to use during walks, but the bags are usually made of plastic. Rather than add to the single-use plastic problem, we suggest a biodegradable option. As for pooper scoopers, they are better for picking up dog poop in your yard.

To find the best way to pick up dog poop for you, let’s look at some frequently asked questions about things to pick up dog poop with.

How to pick up dog poop without plastic bags?

If you’re aware of the environmental damage that plastic causes to our planet, you probably want to find a different solution to picking up dog poop. 

There are 3 main ways to pick up pet waste. First, you can use a pooper scooper, but as it doesn’t fit in your pocket, this method is more convenient for use in your own yard rather than during walks. 

The best way of picking up dog poop without plastic bags is to use bags made from plant-based materials, such as SmartPoopy Walking Bags.  They are biodegradable and compostable, and come with their own dispenser.

biodegradable walking bags for picking up dog poop

The third option is to pick up your dog’s poop using either newspaper or toilet paper, which are less harmful to the environment but also less convenient than a bag you can tie up and dispose of later.

How to pick up dog poop with a bag?

The easiest and cleanest way to pick up dog poop with a bag is to wear it inside out on your hand and pick up the poop as if you were wearing a glove. Once you’ve picked it up, turn the bag right side out, and tie it with the poop inside the bag. 

How to pick up dog poop with paper?

Picking up dog poop with toilet paper or newspaper is tough. There’s almost no way to do it without “getting your hands dirty.” All you can do is hold the paper flat in your hand, pick it up, and hope for the best. 

So, is it gross to pick up dog poop? Yes, especially if you are using newspaper or toilet paper that could easily tear or leak.

How to pick up dog poop without touching it?

The ideal way of picking up dog poop without touching it is to use a pooper scooper like the PooPail. Simply place the bin next to the dog poop and scoop it in with the scoop. No mess, no need to touch the poop or even bend over.

picking up dog poop with PooPail

How to pick up dog poop without bending over?

Long-time dog owners know that picking up dog poop can cause discomfort and backaches. Needing to bend over multiple times a day to pick up your puppy’s poop is extremely tiring, especially as you age, or if you have back issues or a disability.

So, how to pick up dog poop without bending over or touching it? The PooPail is the ideal solution. Essentially, it’ll make your life as a dog parent much easier. Not only will you be done in a matter of seconds, but you will also be able to store the poop in the PooPail for up to a whole week without needing to walk to a bin.

How to Pick Up Dog Poop From Different Surfaces?

As a dog parent, you can’t always control where your buddy goes potty. Sometimes, you’ll have to pick dog poop from different surfaces, and it’s good to know how to handle such situations. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions on how to pick up dog poop from different surfaces.

How to pick up dog poop in snow?

Believe it or not, picking up dog poop in snow can be easier than from other surfaces. This is because the poop freezes and becomes easier to manage. However, when it comes to understanding how to pick up runny dog poop in snow, you’ll have to put a little more effort. 

Essentially, if you are picking up dog poop diarrhea in snow, you’ll need to pick up the snow around it as well, which can become a nightmare. Another option is to wait for it to freeze or use an aerosol spray to quickly freeze it and pick up it up easier. 

Note: Freezing dog poop also eliminates its odor, making the process a little less complicated.

How to pick up dog poop from grass?

Whether you’re on a walk with your little buddy or just out in your backyard, the grass is most dogs’ favorite place to poop. So, as a responsible dog parent, you need to know how to pick up dog poop from grass.

Essentially, you have 2 main options. You can either wrap your hand in a dog poop bag, pick it up, tie, and dispose of it or go for the easy way - use a pooper scooper. 

The best way to pick up dog poop from grass is using a pooper scooper

With poop bags, you have to bend down to pick up the dog poop, but it’s easy to carry it on walks.

Accidents happen, so we also want to help you figure out how to pick up smashed in grass dog poop. In reality, using a pooper scooper is your best bet. The scoop will allow you to clean it up easier without needing to touch it.

Will a lawn mower pick up dog poop?

Will a lawn mower pick up dog poop?

There are many reasons why you may accidentally mow over some dog poop. But is that bad for the lawnmower? What happens if you mow over dog poop? 

If the poop hasn’t fully dried yet, it can damage the blades of your lawnmower, or worse, cut it into pieces and spread it around your lawn. This will be a menace to clean up in the future. And no, it doesn’t work as a fertilizer. In fact, dog poop is harmful to the environment and can ruin the quality of your lawn by discoloring it.

If the poop is old and dry, the mower’s blades can still get damaged. Some say that the mower turns old dog poop into powder, which can get on your ankles. In general, you should walk your yard and pick up any dog poop before starting up your mower.

The moral of the story is - picking up dog poop from grass in your yard can save you some headaches in the future.

How to pick up dog poop from carpet?

Ah, the inevitable poop-on-the-carpet situation… If you’re keeping your dog indoors and they haven’t been potty trained, this can occur much too often. When you’re raising a puppy, this can even be a daily occurrence. But don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to pick up dog poop from the carpet the easy way.

Here are the 4 steps you need to take:

  1. Pick up the poop and apply a cleaning product to the area with visible stains.
  2. Rinse with cold water.
  3. Apply baking soda and leave it for 10 minutes.
  4. Vacuum and you’re done.

How to harden dog poop to pick it up?

The most common way of hardening dog poop is freezing it. You can freeze your buddy’s poop with aerosol sprays, which also eliminate any nasty smells. 

The downside with such solutions is that they can put a dent in your budget for products you use when picking up dog poop. It is recommended that you use such products only to pick up runny, wet, or liquid dog poop.

Other Questions

How do you pick up dog poop on a walk?

The best way to pick up dog poop on a walk is by using dog poop bags. We recommend using the SmartPoopy Walking Bag dispenser, which attaches to your leash. Plus, it is biodegradable and compostable.

picking up dog poop with biodegradable bag

Wear the bag on your hand like a glove, pick up the dog’s poop, then turn the bag inside out, tie it up, clip it to your leash until it’s convenient to dispose of.

If your dog has diarrhea, consider carrying an aerosol spray with you to freeze it up and make it easier to pick up with a bag.

Should you pick up dog poop straight away?

If you’re on a walk, you should pick up your little buddy’s waste as soon as you can. But how can you pick up liquid dog poop right away? Well, if the weather is cold, you could wait for it to harden a bit, or dry out enough, and then pick it up with a dog poop bag. 

Remember that dog poop is not an efficient fertilizer, so it won’t decompose and benefit the grass. If you don’t pick up your dog’s poop, it can become a source of zoonotic diseases and eventually cause harm to the environment.

Can you get in trouble for not picking up dog poop?

Here’s one thing you should absolutely know as a dog parent - not picking up after your dog is against the law. So, next time you see a “pick up dog poop” sign, don’t take it as a suggestion.

Aside from being against the law in many territories, there are many other reasons why picking up dog poop is important. In reality, dog poop is not an efficient fertilizer and can harm the environment, especially the quality of our water.

How much does it cost to have someone pick up dog poop?

If for whatever reason, you don’t want to pick up your dog’s poop by yourself, you can always hire a pet waste disposal company to do the work for you. On average, it’ll cost you about $50.00 to $100.00 per month, depending on how often they visit, how many dogs you have, and the size of your yard.

Can you be fined for not picking up dog poop?

Yes. Picking up your dog’s poop is mandatory and can subject you to a fine for littering, often around $500. Fines vary from city to city, so don’t forget the bags everytime you take your pooch on a walk.

Summing up: What is the best way of picking up dog poop?

Among all the struggles of caring for your little buddy, picking up dog poop is up there on the list. 

If you’re looking to make your life easier, consider the PooPail as the most convenient solution for picking up dog poop. You will avoid the mess and save yourself some back pain. Thanks to its long scooper, you won’t have to bend down to clean up. Plus, you can store the poop for up to a week and skip many walks to the trash can each time your dog goes potty. 

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