Having a pet & a backyard is like having a box of chocolates - you’ll never know what you’ll get.

Orange Regular PooPail

PooPail makes it easier.

When you have a pet waste solution that saves:

🐾 You energy.
🐾 Your back.
🐾 Trips to the garbage bin.
🐾 The environment.

…it keeps your backyard a delightful place for both pets & humans to enjoy.

A Better Way To Pick Up Your Pet’s Gems

Sandy Stinson, GoodWag Creator/Founder

In 2012, I moved into a home with a large, 100 ft deep backyard. With two dogs who used the doggie door to relieve themselves, there were landmines everywhere. I was afraid to walk in my own backyard! I searched at pet stores for something to allow me to pick up multiple messes, but didn’t find anything. That’s when I started thinking, there must be a better way.

I wanted something dual-purpose. I wanted something easy to use to pick up after my dogs and avoid multiple trips to the garbage can. Some kind of weekly storage system.

I worked with multiple engineers before I started working with Craig. He brought my design to life and made it a reality. Each of the 20 features on the pail was carefully thought through, from the way the bag attaches, to the sliding function of the lid. The entire design had to be clean to the touch. No hand should come near dog waste.

“My goal is to speed up, and simplify pet poop cleanup while eliminating plastic and single-use bags.”

Green Tall PooPail Wheels

Clean, Efficient & Kind To The Planet

It’s all-in-one. The pail and scoop allow easy pick-up of pet waste, and the pail stores the waste for a week. The pail-liners are made from biodegradable and compostable materials, and only need to be tossed once a week. There are no difficult contraptions or frequent trips to the trash bin. I can clean up a weeks’ worth of backyard dog waste in under two minutes. Picking up after a pet is the worst part of having a beloved pet. Why relish over it? Get it over with, and move on to the fun part of life.