6 Productivity Tips for Dog Owners Working From Home

Work From Home With Dog

Working from home can very flexible and convenient but not when you have a dog. Being a dedicated dog owner, the balance between work and the needs of your furry friend can be really challenging and leave you overwhelmed.

If you find yourself in this situation, we highlighted six tips that will enhance your efficiency while working from home and also ensure that your dog remains happy throughout the day.

Let's delve into these 6 tips that may change your work-from-home experience as a dog owner.

Start Off The Day Walking Your Dog

Walking your dog is a great way to keep your dog happy, physically healthy, mentally stimulated, and well behaved during your workday. Starting your day off with a walk will not only be good for them and you, but also help blow off some of the energy they start the day with. A walk together is also a time to bond. A walk will help decrease attention-seeking behavior during your workday.

Make Sure The Floors Of Your Workspace Are Clear

The area under your desk is a perfect spot for your pet to cuddle up to you while you work away your day. Make sure that area is free from clutter and hazardous chewing materials like wires. Being able to be near you while you work can help keep your dog calm while you are focused on your work.

Give Your Dog an Independent Space

Creating a space that your dog can call his own during your work day is a great way to set boundaries when needed for situations like Zoom calls and tight deadlines. Crates and gates can be used to create this space for them. Making sure to normalize the separation when you put them in these spaces by practicing on weekend days can help them lose anxiety about being apart. Make sure this independent space is filled with toys, a bed, and access to their water and food.

Set Designated Playtime With Your Dog

Even though your dog should have independent space, it does not mean they have to be separate from you all day.  The social interactions that we used to experience with our office mates can be shared with a pet.  A lunchtime walk will energize you and will help keep your pet calm throughout the afternoon. 

Play Time With Dog


Keep Your Dog Active When You’re On a Call

To help insure quiet conference calls and Zoom meetings, plan a walk before the meeting and find ways to keep your pet preoccupied while you’re busy. Frozen treats, toys with food inside (not squeaky ones though!), and backyard time can help keep your dog active without you during the call.

Do Not Give In To Your Dog’s Attention-Seeking Behavior

Working from home successfully as a dog owner will be a lot easier if you do not reward attention-seeking behavior. Some of these behaviors include barking, whining, pawing at you, or nudging their head into you. Giving them attention after these behaviors reinforces the bad behavior, as your pet will learn to behave this way to capture your attention. 

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