What Are The Best New Year's Resolutions For Dog Owners?

Pet Friendly New Year Resolutions

Making goals and resolutions for the year to come is a common strategy seen from people worldwide. As a pet owner, challenge yourself to make more changes that focus on bettering the life of your pet this year. See some ideas below to add to your own list or inspire you to make your own pet-related resolutions!

Walk Dogs Daily

Dog Walking

Keeping up your dog’s physical health with a daily walk can help increase the lifespan of your pet, increase their happiness, help them learn better social behaviors with other pets/people, and create a routine time for bonding with you both. If you have personal health goals for the new year, walking every day can help you achieve those as well.

Have Natural and Healthier Diet and Treats

Instead of grabbing the first treats, snack, or food you see at the store or feeding your dog table scraps, make an effort to research more about what you give your pet. Try making an effort in the new year to make goals of feeding your dog food/treats that are natural, hold real nutrients benefits for your dog, and will help your dog live a healthier life. Homemade pet treats, research on common food that dogs can eat as well, and talking to your doctor about what ingredients you should be seeing in your chosen pet foods can help you be informed on what your pet is digesting.

Don’t Yell at Your Dog

There is research that shows yelling at your dog is not the answer to bad behavior. Negative reinforcement was found not only to train dos less successfully but to also negatively affect a dog’s overall happiness in comparison to reward-based training. Learn more about the study here.

Make Vet Plans

Making sure to get those yearly check-ups is most important, but also being sure to know where you are going if your dog has any signs of other unexpected health issues will help ease your mind. Make sure you have a veterinarian you trust, numbers you can call to see if your dog needs to go for a visit or just needs to rest after getting into something they weren’t supposed to, and even look at investing in pet health care. Pet owners can prepare for the unexpected with an insurance plan and also lower their regular visit fees.

Brush Dog’s Teeth Daily

Dog Teeth Brushing

Your dog’s dental health is just as important as your own, especially as they get older. Creating a daily (or even weekly) habit of brushing your dog’s teeth can help prevent tartar buildup, dental infections, and just improve your dog’s overall health. Checkups with the vet will also become easier if your dog is taught the normalcy of brushing their teeth.

Learn About Dog Breed Attributes

Taking time to understand more about the natural attributes commonly seen in your dog’s breed can help you make sure you are giving your dog the chance at happiness. This is also a very good topic to research when deciding what type of dog or puppy you want to adopt. Check out more about your dog’s breed here.

Attend Training or Obedience Classes

Training classes not only stimulate their dog, but they also give dogs a chance to socialize. Attending these classes can also help your relationship and communication with your pet, as you learn how to convey things better through habit. Your dog does not have to be misbehaving to benefit from training. Refreshing trained behavior, helping younger dogs obey commands, socializing dogs of all ages, and even teaching an old dog new tricks are some of the many benefits.

Go on an Adventure with Pets

Hiking with Dog

Make the year of adventures with your pet, or a time to plan them for the future. Research pet-friendly hikes, campgrounds hotels, cafes, and events you are interested in doing with your pet! As you start looking you will see there are many to choose from. Choose your favorites and start making some plans.

Spend More Quality Time with Pets

Set aside time every day to have more quality time with your pet. You can create toy time, cuddle time, or time to learn a new trick. Scheduling this time in your week will help boost both of your happiness and make sure you don’t miss out on bonding time.

Schedule a Photo Shoot with Pets

Whether you take a photo every day to see a time lapse of change over the years, or you set up themed photoshoots throughout the year, taking time to create these photos will leave lasting memories. You can set up a shoot with a professional photographer in your area, use a tripod, or even take some dog selfies.

Write a Bucket List (for Young & Senior Pets)

Whether your dog is in their early years or the later part of their life, you can make a list you can slowly cross off throughout the rest of the time you have together! This is a great way to cross some adventures, activities, etc. you have off for yourself and find ways to incorporate your pet in to them. Check out some pet-focused bucket list ideas here.

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