This durable lid is the perfect cover that keeps the unpleasant odor at bay, but it also features a tight seal to ensure that those little presents don't make a great escape.

🐾 EASY CLEAN UP AT THE FLICK OF A WRIST - PooPail gives you the easiest, cleanest way to deal with backyard pet waste. It snaps open easily for you to be able to simply scoop up your pet's #2 and set it aside to scoop more later on. A scooper that acts also as a dog poop trash can that’s less back & forth to the dog waste station!

🐾 KEEPS IN THE SMELL & KEEPS OUT THE RAIN - PooPail is your pet waste disposal tool that snaps open easily, but once it’s closed, it’s really closed tight! No rain, sprinklers, or water balloon fights will get water inside your PooPail. The sealed lid works in reverse too, the inside smell is locked away for good!

🐾 SAVE TIME, SAVE ENERGY & YOUR BACK - PooPail is your pick up and store waste pet solution that lets you store your pet’s doodie for a week (up to 4 gallons) before disposing. This method of dog poop cleanup saves yourself the trips going back and forth to the trash can every time. It also lessens your bending over everytime you need to pick up poop!

🐾 ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Picking up dog poop is easy because the handle of PooPail allows for easy opening and closing of the lid. It’s a practical 2 in 1 pet waste solution design that lets you drop and scoop! The “Pooper-Scooper’s” design allows sand, and pebbles to fall right through too.

🐾 TEN-YEAR LIFESPAN - PooPail has an incredible 10-year lifespan! Even in any weather condition, it works as good as new despite years of messes. The convenient way to pick up dog poop works on all surfaces, from concrete to tall grass, and is ideal for dog shelters, trainers, and daycares too!

🐾 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PET WASTE SOLUTION - The pail itself is fully recyclable when no longer needed. Each of our dog poop bag holders and liner bags are certified by TÜV AUSTRIA, an authorized body certified by European Bioplastics. The certification stands for quality and reliability and guarantees complete biodegradability and compostability.

How to use PooPail?

Tall-Size PooPail Assembly Video


Regular-Size PooPail Assembly Video



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